#iBuild4: A hashtag campaign celebrating trans creators

In the past year, transgender visibility has peaked! Not only has mainstream media helped to propel our visibility but trans people are taking initiative in multiple spaces and are galvanizing a movement!

At Trans*H4CK we want to highlight this moment and the effect it's having in entrepreneurship and tech. Inspired by hashtags that celebrate the diversity of the tech community such as #ILookLikeAnEngineer, we’re launching #ibuild4 --a hashtag campaign that pushes conversations forward by showing the direct impact technology makes in the lives of transgender, genderqueer, agender & non binary people, who are often excluded as tech creators and innovators.

For the next two weeks, we will promote the incredible work trans people in technology are doing to create solutions to our most pressing social issues using the #ibuild4 hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

To participate, post a selfie on instagram or send a tweet that shares your work and the community that you build for using the hashtag: #ibuild4. For example, "I'm a developer and #ibuild4 marginalized people in tech." 

We will feature on our blog a collection of tweets/images from people in different sectors of technology. Our hope is to spark a national conversation on the contributions of the trans community.

As trans people, we are making powerful waves in technology and entrepreneurship.

Let’s tell the world who we build for!