Introducing Logan Henderson: Trans*H4CK's First Digital Impact Fellow

By Daniela Capistrano

Team Trans*H4CK is growing! Logan Henderson, TH's first Digital Impact Fellow, is a 20-year-old current junior (’17) at Dartmouth College majoring in Native American Studies modified with Digital Arts. He’s interested in Ethnic Studies, Computer Science, Art, Technology, Languages, Hugs, and Social Justice. Logan is from Los Angeles and has been involved with many social justice initiatives on his college and high school campuses.

Photo credit:  Steve Moreno

Photo credit: Steve Moreno

As Digital Impact Fellow, Logan will be examining delivery and management methods for tech education and storytelling through data. He will also help Trans*H4CK produce online and offline workshops and other events that center trans & gender non-conforming people.

Team Trans*H4CK is excited to collaborate with Logan over the next few months! Get to know him in this Q&A and be sure to give him a warm welcome in the comments and on Twitter

Logan's pronouns: He / Him / His

DC: How did you first discover Trans*H4CK?

LOGAN: I first heard about Trans*H4CK on the web somewhere. Then I attended the event at the Harvard Innovation Lab in the fall of 2014. 

Logan Henderson participating at Trans*H4CK Boston in November of 2014

Logan Henderson participating at Trans*H4CK Boston in November of 2014

I met many queer and trans folk interested in technology, made friends, practiced and learned a few coding skills and platforms, and it was overall a cool and exciting experience. 

I think tech is important because it makes some actions easier and/or more efficient but I don’t think every piece of tech is always necessary or meaningful.  

I decided to intern at Trans*H4CK because I wanted to work somewhere that I believed was doing good and worthy work, was interesting, and amongst people who shared my views. 

DC: What are you looking forward to learning more about through your work with Trans*H4CK? What do you hope to achieve? 

LOGAN: I’m looking forward to learning more about what is required to run a start up, how to network effectivelyand how to enhance the skills I already have and create new ones to do the kind of work I wantto do. I’m most hoping to solidify a better idea of what I want to do after college. I also hope to make an impact on the communities Trans*H4CK serves.

DC: What is your relationship to trans activism / visibility / empowerment? 

LOGAN: Trans activism, visibility, and empowerment have been present in my life since I came out as trans, chose to be open about it in high school, and actively sought to ensure that I was getting what I needed from my school as a trans person as well as for other students in California. 

Social Justice is an inherent part of my worldview and therefore fighting for it is a constant in my life; it’s very important to me that people are content, comfortable and safe.

DC: What's your favorite GIF these days?

LOGAN: This one! 

DC: What is your advice for trans & non-binary people interested in working in tech? 

LOGAN: I don’t think I have enough experience or insight to accurately or helpfully provide any advice. 

However, as I am one of those people and have been fortunate to find an internship in tech as a trans person, I can say to keep looking for spaces that affirm you and your entire authentic self and if necessary, and it’s possible, create that space for yourself within the industry.  


I’m excited to work with Logan — to bring his energy and passion towards trans advocacy to our space and excited to learn from him about how to be a better leader and engager of trans community.
— Kortney Ziegler
I’m really excited to be working with Logan. I met him at Trans*H4CK Boston, and the energy and experience that Logan brought to that hackathon was amazing. I remember Logan being supportive of all teams there and his special energy. I’m excited to geek out with him on further building LOFT and Trans*H4CK and thinking about how we can make the app that Logan created at our event sustainable.
— Tiffany Mikell
I’m looking forward to getting to know Logan, to skill-share and to collaborate on Trans*H4CK events promotion, sponsorships and outreach. I feel fortunate to be in such awesome company.
— Daniela Capistrano