#Hack4BlackTrans: A Black History Month Live-Stream and Twitter Chat

by Logan Henderson

I’m so excited to be the first guest for Trans*H4CK’s second live-stream series on the LOFT platform: #Hack4BlackTransFor Black History Month 2016, we’re celebrating Black + Trans (and gender non-conforming) technologists. Viewers can interact with the on-camera guests in real-time and respond to participant questions via Twitter.

We’ll begin this Wednesday (3 February) with me (@Hugs_Cookies) as Trans*H4CK’s new Digital Impact Fellow.

The following week (10 February), you'll get to meet Katrina Goodlett (@kittybellashow), host of The Kitty Bella Show where she speaks with fellow transgender peers and allies in exciting conversations on a variety of topics.

Henry Pickavet (@Pickavet) is our guest for the third week (17 February); Henry is an editor and writer at TechCrunch and an aspiring photographer.

Last but certainly not least, Riley (@dtwps), a “professional anime, coding, data science, and math loser” (hopefully a future friend of mine with a resume like that) will join us in the LOFT on the 24th.

#Hack4BlackTrans is gearing up to be an exciting month-long programming initiative that Team Trans*H4CK is excited about. I am very pleased to be able to engage as a Black trans person with such a wonderful set of Black trans peers and participants. Talking about Black trans folks, especially at times like Black History Month, is imperative in the tech industry because it illuminates the contributions of Black folks to various forms of technology as well as the unique perspectives of those who come with trans* experience. Blackness and transness are often excluding from conversations around technology despite fervent and consistent engagement from both sides as users and creators. I'm glad to be on both sides and acknowledging the skills and talents of my comrades. 

We'll share more updates via social media and on transhack.org/events.

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Learn more about #IBUILD4, our first LOFT series: transhack.org/ibuild4