#TransH4CKSurvey: Mental Health Snapshot

Since the launch of Trans*H4CK's survey in December of 2015, more than 400 trans & gender non-conforming people around the world have participated in our efforts to help quantify the contributions of trans & gender non-conforming people in tech. In Spring 2016, Trans*H4CK will release a report sharing the results of the survey once the goal of 500 participants has been reached. 

At a time when 44 anti-transgender bills are currently under consideration in 16 states, Trans*H4CK's survey is a vital tool in providing visibility for trans people. #TransH4CKSurvey - the first survey for trans in tech - is collecting data across a range of categories, including gender, age, income, education, race and ethnicity.

Because mental health is a critical issue in trans communities, #TransH4CKSurvey also asks participants (optional) mental and physical health-related questions, which we've compiled for you here as we gear up to release the full report:


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Dior Vargas, Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist, is helping Trans*H4CK promote #TransH4CKSurvey. Dior is also the person behind the survey collecting information on LGBTQIA Friendly, POC Therapists. If you would like to recommend a therapist via the survey, here's where you can do that.


This #TransH4CKSurvey report update was compiled by Daniela Capistrano.