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Trans*H4CK » Hackathon Leaked: How we Founded AssTok


Hackathon Leaked: How we Founded AssTok

Part of our startup hackathan decided to create a video sharing app like TikTok. Yes, they used the parody name asstok as an adult twist to the popular social media platform. Here’s a short story of their journey building the app from scratch to demo day, where they were funded by several venture capitalists (which wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons).

Why an Adult App Like TikTok?

Many young people started playing TikTok because of the addictive nature of it. For people that do not know, TikTok is a short form video app that started gaining traction around 2014 and gained popularity among young people. When you enter TikTok, you only have 15 seconds to complete the video. The way it works is you go through different types of obstacles and complete the action to unlock or play the video. Users are known to post videos that are one second long. This new social media app is heavily linked to music. Just like, TikTok has created a new social music platform that allowed users to post a song as a “commercial” for another user. All videos in TikTok have the option to unlock lyrics or a voice-over. Our startup group identified an underserved market for TikTok nudes, hence Ass Tok was settled on as a compelling name for an adult version of TikTok.

How to make a video sharing app like TikTok

Some developers want to make an app like TikTok. If you don’t know what TikTok is, it’s basically a fun video sharing app which was launched in August 2018. Before this, the app was known as Both apps are very popular on the mobile app store. Read here about how to build a video sharing app similar to TikTok. What is the value of video sharing app like TikTok? If you ask me, it’s easy money for them. It’s one of the most visited apps across the globe with monthly active users over 45 Million. Their users upload more than one billion videos per day. Why we chose the idea of TikTok to build? Why not TikTok, you may ask. I’ve been making videos on YouTube for the past five years. I’m the owner of a small startup called Lifeyshould. We design and develop hardware products.

What’s the process to build an app like TikTok

At first they did not know how to code, the decision to learn how to code has changed that course for them in a major way. Here’s a rough description of how to make an app like TikTok. 1. Canva is used for basic graphic design A beginner app would look something like this for making graphics. From left to right: Create a bunch of videos. Shoot those videos. Elements such as captions, titles, labels, and graphics for captions are built from scratch using Canva. The tutorials in this app will help you to create captions, labels, titles, etc. with drag and drop ease. You can easily swap elements around to your liking with the standard size and colors. I actually did that a few times with some of the other apps. Just make sure that the elements in the tiles have a positive position. 2.

Why did they write the app in Python?

Here are the reasons: Python is a mature language which has an impressive number of libraries and supports modern web standards such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. There is also a thriving community of open source developers in the Python ecosystem. The product is built with Node.js and Express which makes our app extremely scalable. The app is written using standards like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Our app can render 2D and 3D animations like Apple Touchables, Nintendo Zinemes, and YouTube embeds. Check out their demo page, where the team has shared several animated videos with still images of the apps work: List of the team members Core member: Dávid Kovács Building blocks: Jin Phan Languages used: Python, Node.

How the team built the app

At KPI Labs, we are often asked how to build an app like TikTok. At first we answered that they don’t really build those. After months of reflection, I realized that our startup hackathon in December 2017 gave us a very good understanding of what it takes to build a successful social video sharing app. Of course, as we now know, most of the differences between TikTok and other apps can be found at the bottom of the stack, and not at the top, but for an application that wants to be disruptive, some aspects of the platform matter more than others. One of the things that surprised me the most was the lack of interest of the technology partners. You can say that the partners were not impressed by the value of the platform at the time. Let’s break down the reasons for this phenomenon.


As a startup, you are going to fail, that’s a given. Therefore, being okay with failure is more valuable to the success of your startup. You have to be willing to admit when you have a mistake and be willing to pivot when necessary. Here are 4 tips to not only create a video sharing app, but also use it to your advantage. Start small. Build an MVP (minimum viable product) first. Create a simple app that does one or two things and what’s not to love about that? You have to know what you’re building and how much you can get away with. After you build that app, know what you want to build next. What will make you come back for more? Stay focused and work through iterations.

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